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Take Care of Cavities with Laser Cavity Detection by Gentling Dental Care in Rochester, MN

January 30th, 2017 · No Comments

Laser_Cavity_Detection2Detecting cavities is no small task. Dentists learn how to detect cavities as part of their dental training to be able to help patients during regular cleanings. Over the years, advancements have been made in technology used in dental care for cavity detection. Laser cavity detection is a new method used to find cavities in teeth. This process is utilized by Gentling Dental Care in Rochester, MN, and can accurately find cavities that many other dentists may miss.

Cavities Start Small

The problem with cavities is that they start small. Cavities can be hard to detect, and our dentists want to ensure that every patient is relieved of cavities as early as possible. By using the DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection method, we can accurately locate cavities at an earlier and treatable stage. Finding a cavity in the early stages helps to ensure treatment before the tooth structure is harmed or causes pain. With laser cavity detection, cavities can be prevented from becoming a larger and more costly problem.

How Does It Work?

When visiting Gentling Dental Care in Rochester, MN, you may wonder how this new technology actually works. The laser scanner uses laser light technology to relay information about the surface of the enamel. Grooves, cracks, fissures, and other areas that are hard to check are easily reviewed by the laser. Laser cavity detection, combined with dental instruments and X-rays, will help to provide more than 90% accuracy when uncovering cavities. Conventional examination methods can often miss decay. With this new technology, the decay is found and the cavity filled. It also provides the dentist with the ability to monitor the progression of cavities with measurements that are extremely precise.

At Gentling Dental Care, your oral health is our top priority. We use the latest laser cavity detection products to ensure all cavities are detected as soon as possible. Schedule a laser detection treatment today to see if you have any cavities developing and ensure the best health for your teeth by calling (507) 288-7379.

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Repair Your Smile with Dental Crowns in Rochester, MN, by Gentling Dental Care

January 9th, 2017 · No Comments

Dental crowns are one option for adults to rebuild and support a tooth that needs to be restored to its normal size and shape. Dental crowns are often called caps as they help reinforce a tooth that is weakened and in need of repair. With a crown, you’ll be undergoing a dental restoration procedure performed by a qualified dentist, and the appearance of the tooth will be improved.


Why Choose a Dental Crown?

tooth gold crown on a white background

tooth gold crown on a white background

Dental crowns in Rochester, MN, are used to help restore the function of a missing, damaged, or unsupported tooth structure. A crown can be a necessary treatment for many reasons. To begin, a crown can be used when a large cavity is present. After the soft decay is removed by the dentist, there can be limited hard tooth structure remaining. With a crown, the stability of the tooth is restored, preventing further breakdown or cracking of the tooth.

Fractured or damaged teeth can also benefit from crown support. A crown can help prevent the further progression of cracks on a tooth, as well as help the individual avoid any pain or treatment such as an extraction or root canal. Dental crowns are also recommended for Rochester, MN, patients who have stained, discolored, worn, or misshaped teeth. Crowns will provide strength as well as integrity to the tooth structure, plus create an improved visual result. Teeth will appear straight, intact, and bring positive attention to your beautiful smile.


Two Dental Visits

When a dental crown is required, you’ll need to visit the dentist two times to complete the treatment. The first visit involves having the tooth prepared which can include removing any decay and rebuilding the core of the tooth. An impression will be made of the tooth and sent to a dental laboratory where an expert technician makes your crown.  You will leave the office wearing a temporary crown.

During the second visit the temporary crown will be removed and a permanent crown will be put in place and adjusted as needed to ensure everything fits correctly. Once fitted, cement or bonding materials will be used to permanently fasten the crown.


Gentling Dental Care specializes in dental crowns and we’d be happy to assist with all your dental needs. Contact us at (507) 288-7379 to schedule an appointment today!

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First Time Parent Tips for Gentling Dental Care Kid’s Dentist in Rochester, MN

December 30th, 2016 · No Comments

When you become a parent for the very first time, you quickly find out that you have much to learn! Unfortunately, babies do not come with instruction manuals, and parents have to find out how to manage by gaining their own experience. One area in which many parents have questions is regarding their child’s dental care. As a kid’s dentist in Rochester, MN, we receive calls with questions on a regular basis from new parents asking about how to care for baby teeth, as well as when to schedule the first appointment. It’s important for parents to learn about healthcare for their child’s teeth so the child will have a beautiful and healthy smile.

To begin, a child should be brought to our office at around six months of age, after the first tooth has erupted. This will vary based on the child. Some children cut their first tooth from two to four months, while others take a little more time to develop teeth. Watch your baby for tooth growth, and schedule an appointment with our kid’s dentist six months later.

When yomother__baby_brsuhing_teethur baby first develops teeth, use a soft cloth to rub the gums for cleaning. When the child turns one year of age, we recommend that you purchase a small toothbrush and begin teaching the child how to brush with water. You can introduce toothpaste as the child learns how to hold the brush, or help them yourself. Usually, by the age of five, the child has learned how to brush effectively.

Our Rochester, MN office is prepped and ready to cater to all children’s dental needs. Starting early with proper dental care will help to reduce the possibility of cavities along with other dental issues. Your child will have a beautiful smile and teeth that will last a lifetime if you instill the proper technique for brushing as well as promote good oral health.

Contact Gentling Dental Care today at (507) 288-7379 to learn more about our children’s services, or to simply ask any questions you may have about your child’s dental health.

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Understanding the Effects of Periodontal Disease in Rochester, MN, with Gentling Dental Care

December 28th, 2016 · No Comments

Taking care of your teeth is a necessitynervous_woman. You want to have healthy teeth and gums to be able to enjoy food and drink well into your golden years, as well as feeling comfortable with your smile. Unfortunately, problems will arise. One dental issue that is common among adults is periodontal disease. This disease occurs when the gums and bone of the teeth become inflamed. There are three phases of the disease that require treatment as soon as possible to avoid losing teeth.



The first stage of periodontal disease is gingivitis. This stage includes red and inflamed gums that will bleed during brushing as well as flossing. Gingivitis can be reversed by visiting your dentist in Rochester, MN for regular cleaning as well as caring for your teeth properly at home.



The second stage is known as periodontitis, where the issue become irreversible. The gingival tissues will begin to deconstruct around the teeth and you will see bone loss in the area surrounding the teeth. Such areas cannot be restored but can be maintained with proper periodontal disease care in Rochester, MN.


Advanced Periodontitis

Also irreversible, advanced periodontitis is the last stage of periodontal disease. This stage involves additional destruction of the dental tissue that supports the teeth. A periodontal specialist may be needed to deal with advanced bone loss. Infection and loose teeth are common, and tooth removal may be needed. Your dentist may suggest more frequent professional cleanings to deal with this stage.

To minimize your risk of developing periodontal disease, take time to visit your dentist for regular cleanings. Cleanings should take place at least two times a year for healthy individuals and more frequently for t hose with periodontal disease. To learn more about periodontal disease, or to schedule an appointment for cleaning, contact the Gentling Dental Group of Rochester, MN. Appointments can be made via telephone at (507) 288-7379. Our friendly staff can assist you in keeping your teeth healthy and taking the best care of your family’s oral health.

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Steps to Begin a Smile Makeover in Rochester, MN, With Gentling Dental Care

November 28th, 2016 · No Comments

When you dsmile_makeover-1on’t love your smile, it can affect your self-esteem and confidence levels. You may feel uncomfortable talking in groups and self-conscious about whether people are looking at your teeth. Thankfully, there is a solution. A smile makeover in Rochester, MN, can ensure that your smile is brand new and one that you will be proud of. What is a smile makeover? Well, it’s when a dentist will use cosmetic dentistry to improve the look of your teeth. Learn more about the steps of this process below.

First Step

To get started, you will have your teeth examined by a dentist to determine your mouth’s overall oral health. Any issues will be addressed and corrected before cosmetic treatments are used. You must have good oral health so you can have a strong foundation for a quality smile.

Artistic Stage

The next step is to begin the artistic stage of the smile makeover in Rochester, MN. This step includes looking at your teeth and finding out your goals for a beautiful smile. How do you wish your smile to look? What do you like or dislike about your smile? By working together with the dentist, you can create a smile that will help to build your self-confidence and increase your self-esteem.

What Types of Makeover are Available?

There are many different types of makeovers available and the type you choose will be dependent on your teeth. Services include teeth whitening, which helps to brighten your smile, cosmetic bonding, which can be used to create a new smile, and tooth-colored fillings, which will cover up any imperfections on your teeth.

Dental implants are another option when you’re missing teeth or have cracked or chipped teeth. For a straight and bright smile, you might want to consider porcelain veneers. Any of these services can be used to help you have a lovely smile.

To look your very best and enjoy your smile, contact Gentling Dental Care in Rochester, MN. The top-rated dentistry group specializes in cosmetic dentistry and can give you a brand-new smile. Contact Gentling today via telephone at (507) 288-7379.


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Preparing for Children’s Dentistry in Rochester, MN, Made Easy With Gentling Dental Care

November 23rd, 2016 · No Comments

When you become a parent, you quickly find out that there is much to learn. Parenting is never easy and you have to be sure that you’re taking the proper steps in your child’s life to provide quality care. This includes children’s dentistry. Your child will need to visit the dentist in order to have strong and healthy teeth. But if you’re a new parent, you may have no idea when to begin taking your child to the dentist or how to prepare. With children’s dentistry in Rochester, MN, you can rely on the experts to treat your child with the utmost care and provide an overall comfortable experience.

The best time tofamily_dentistry bring in your child for their first dental appointment is usually around six months after their first tooth has become visible. The dentist will go over how to care for your child’s teeth and help you know what to expect in the coming years. At Gentling Dental, we offer complementary examinations for children under three.

By the age of three or so, your child will start to remember their trips to the dentist. It’s at this time that you have to make children’s dentistry fun and prepare your child for the visit. Talk to your child about tooth care and make brushing teeth fun by singing a song or playing a game. You can even play dentist to make your child more comfortable for their upcoming Rochester, MN, appointment. By talking about the dentist, your child can be prepared and not feel scared or apprehensive when they arrive.

Keeping your child’s teeth healthy is important. Be sure to learn what steps you need to take to care for your child’s teeth as well as taking care of any cavities or teeth issues as they occur. Set your child up for strong and beautiful teeth by visiting the dentist every six months for a checkup and cleaning.

Gentling Dental Care is a quality dental option for children in the Rochester area. Contact the office today via telephone at (507) 288-7379 to learn more about children’s dentistry or to schedule an appointment.

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Restore Your Smile with Dentures in Rochester, MN, With Gentling Dental Care

November 8th, 2016 · No Comments

Any adult with missing teeth can feel self-conscious when smiling. When you’re missing teeth, you can look older than you are, and have difficulty speaking or eating. Thankfully, there’s a solution allowing you to have a lovely smile once again. Dentures are a great way to restore your smile and enjoy eating with ease. When you need dentures in Rochester, MN, use only the best dentists to restore your smile with a natural look.


A Natural Appearance

When many people think of dentures, they think of something that is unnatural looking. That’s not the case with professionally made dentures. Expertly crafted dentures will give you a beautiful smile, make you seem years younger, and can help alleviate stress in the joints of the jaw. Dentures are manufactured based on your age, gender, appearance, and personality to give you a one-of-a-kind smile, better chewing capabilities, and comfort.


What to Expect During Your Rochester, MN, Denture Appointment

You may be wondering what will take place during your appointment to have the perfect dentures created for you. The process is quite simple. First, tooth size will need to be matched to the size of your face so the artificial teeth don’t look fake due to being too large or small based on face shape. Shape and color choice are also determined. You can choose to replicate the smile you once had, or add enhancements for a new one. Photos of you from before you lost your teeth are also important during the process to ensure the size, shape, and placement are correct for your new dentures. Dental records from previous visits are also a good source for creating dentures. Once the dentures have been created, fittings are done to ensure they are secure and will be comfortable.


Gentling Dental Care can provide you with denture service options including full dentures and partials. Restore your smile and feel good once again by visiting Gentling Dental Care in Rochester, MN, for all your dental needs. Schedule an appointment today by calling us at (507) 288-7379.

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How to Deal with a Dental Emergency in Rochester, MN, with Gentling Dental Care

November 2nd, 2016 · No Comments


Teeth are an important part of the body. We rely on our teeth to be able to enjoy meals as well as feel confident about the way we look. When a dental emergency occurs, it can be easy for an individual to stress out and fail to take the appropriate steps for dental care. Below are a few simple tips to help you deal with a dental emergency in Rochester, MN.



Preventing a dental emergency

To get started, it’s best to learn how to prevent a dental emergency. Most injuries to the mouth take place during eating or sports. Be sure to wear a mouth guard or protect the face to avoid injury to the teeth when engaged in sporting activities. When eating, avoid biting down on hard items like candy or popcorn seeds.


What to do if you experience a tooth injury

If you suffer a tooth injury, you should know the proper steps to receive the right help. If a tooth is knocked out, rinse the tooth with water without scrubbing. Place the tooth in your mouth between the gums and cheek. Try not to let the tooth dry out. Be sure to contact the dentist immediately. If the tooth cannot be placed in the mouth, wrap it in gauze and place it in saline solution.


If a tooth is out of position but not knocked out, you will need to be careful and not force the tooth out of place. Bite down to hold the tooth in position and contact the dentist immediately. Hopefully the tooth can be splinted next to a tooth on each side.


A tooth that has been fractured will need to be cared for quickly. This dental emergency in Rochester, MN, will require that you rinse out your mouth with warm water and use an ice pack to reduce any swelling. A minor tooth fracture can be repaired by the dentist, with restorative dentistry possibly required.


Whatever your dental emergency, contact your dentist quickly to receive proper care. By taking the appropriate measures, hopefully your tooth can be repaired with ease. Gentling Dental Care in Rochester, MN, is prepared to handle any dental emergency. Contact the quality dentists at Gentling at (507) 288-7379 to assist you with your dental emergency needs.


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What Takes Place During Dental Exams in Rochester, MN, with Gentling Dental Care

September 22nd, 2016 · No Comments

dental_examA dental exam is a procedure that a dentist provides to check the health and wellbeing of your mouth, especially your teeth and gums. You should have two dental exams a year to ensure you are not experiencing any mouth issues such as tooth decay or gum disease. Dental exams in Rochester, MN take just a short amount of time and will leave you with peace of mind knowing you have excellent oral health.

What to Expect?

If youve never been to the dentist, or its been quite awhile since your last visit, you may not know what to expect. Many individuals avoid visiting the dentist due to fear or anxiety. By knowing what will take place, you can feel better about an upcoming dental visit.

During the dental exam, a dentist or hygienist will begin by evaluating your overall oral health and hygiene. Your risk for tooth and root decay, as well as gum or bone disease, will be evaluated. Tooth restoration or replacement will be reviewed as well as checking for jaw or bite problems.

Stains and deposits of calcium will be removed during the cleaning process. This is an important step. Your teeth should be cleaned at least twice a year to ensure a healthy smile. The cleaning process is relatively painless, but the option for ‘happy’ gas is available if you require help to feel calm.

Once the cleaning process is complete, the dentist will show you the proper techniques for cleaning your teeth. Your need for fluoride will be assessed and a treatment may be offered. Dental x-rays may also be needed, especially if this is your first trip to the dentist for dental exams in Rochester, MN.

Continue with Proper Cleaning

After visiting the dentist you must adhere to any cleaning or health advice provided. The health of your mouth is connected to the overall health of the body. You must keep your teeth brushed and flossed to ensure you are in proper health.

Please feel free to contact Gentling Dental Care at (507) 288-7379 to learn more about the dental exams we offer. Our qualified dentists and staff are ready to assist you with all your dental health needs.


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Processes of Teeth Whitening in Rochester, MN, Using Gentling Dental Care

September 15th, 2016 · No Comments

whitening-photo-3A common treatment process provided by dentists so patients can achieve a beautiful, bright smile is teeth whitening. The teeth whitening process can be done in several ways to lighten the color of the teeth. After just one treatment of tooth whitening products you can see improvement, and with continued teeth whitening in Rochester, MN, you can ensure your smile stays white and bright.

How Long Does the Process Take?

Patients will typically see results from teeth whitening services in Rochester, MN, from the very first treatment. One overnight treatment will need to be applied with a cycle that lasts around two weeks. One treatment will need to be completed by the patient each night to ensure maximum results. The dentist can provide you with everything you need to begin the path to a lovely white smile.

Dentist Approved Teeth Whitening Bleach

While many individuals use a teeth whitening kit that can be purchased over the counter, the dentist can provide a higher concentration of bleach chemicals that is prescribed and will be used to help lighten the teeth. A dental approved kit will have results that can be achieved quicker and last longer.

The convenient in-home teeth whitening kit provided by the dentist will consist of a bleaching tray for the bottom row as well as top row of teeth. An impression of your teeth will be made by the dentist to ensure that you have customized trays that fit the size of your teeth. You will then be shown how to apply the whitening gel and learn how long to use the trays to obtain maximum results to make your teeth white and bright.

To learn more about teeth whitening and have your own kit created, contact Gentling Dental Care. The dentists at Gentling are well equipped with the knowledge and experience to assist you in the whitening process of your teeth. Contact us today, at (507) 288-7379, to learn more about the services we offer for teeth whitening or to schedule an appointment!


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