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Continuing Education for Our Rochester, MN Dentists

Gentling Dental Care's dentists receive ongoing certification and training in Rochester, MN

Dr. Ryan Henrichsen Dr. Melissa McColloch

In the field of dentistry, there is a wide range of skill levels and expertise among dentists. Much of this discrepancy is based on a commitment to advanced training, education, and a patient centered practice philosophy. Our dentists at Gentling Dental take great pride in going above and beyond the average dentist. They have trained with the best dental experts in the world to assure our patients receive the highest quality care.

Dr. Ryan Henrichsen and Dr. Melissa McColloch have each earned the award of Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry. Dr. Ryan Henrichsen also achieved the title, Master, in the Academy of General Dentistry. Both have graduated from the Dawson Academy.

All of our dentists at Gentling Dental have received advanced training from a variety of advanced dental care institutions. These include, but are not limited to: the Dawson Academy, the Pankey institute, the Kois Center, and Spear.

The doctors at Gentling Dental practice the concept of complete dentistry that is taught through these knowledgeable dental institutions. Every structural part of your chewing system including your jaw joints, facial and temporal muscles, and teeth are taken into consideration. This concept of complete dentistry also emphasizes a comprehensive, individualized approach to each patient’s dental care, beginning with prevention and early intervention. In the long run, this could not only protect you from years of pain, sensitive teeth and/or achy jaw muscles and joints, but also could save you from unnecessary dental procedures that could have otherwise been avoided.

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