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Teeth Whitening Strategies for Rochester, MN Dental Patients

April 2, 2015

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Take a close look at the magazines you page through in waiting rooms or your favorite coffee shop. They are filled with pages and pages of people with perfectly white teeth. Society expects us to have not just healthy smiles, but beautiful smiles as well. The goal of teeth whitening is often to remove stains from the enamel or create a whiter smile. If these are priorities for you, we invite you to check out the different teeth whitening techniques that you can try at home or by visiting Gentling Dental Care in Rochester, MN.

Whiter teeth has been important in many different societies for centuries. In ancient India, for example, people used a technique called oil pulling. This technique came into practice about 3,000 years ago and is still used today. It involves swishing coconut oil or sesame seed oil for 20 minutes a day. In theory, you can use this technique to remove toxins from your body, boost your oral health, and whiten your teeth. In reality, it will remove debris and staining from your teeth, but may not offer any additional benefits. The American Dental Association states that there is no reliable scientific evidence for oil pulling. It is better to stick with standard oral health practices: brush twice a day, floss daily, and use fluoride or mouthwash.

There are many over-the-counter whitening options such as whitening strips, gels, bleaches, toothpastes, and rinses. These products are often less powerful than those available through your dental office. These products can work, but the process may take significantly longer to achieve the desired results.  They also may not work as well with crowded teeth and can be messy to apply.

Teeth whitening doesn’t just require specific products from the dentist. Did you know that you can make your teeth whiter just by eating your vegetables? Healthy choices like broccoli and carrots are crunchy and increase saliva production, helping to reduce tooth staining. Eating apples introduces malic acid, a chemical that you will also find in standard teeth whitening products. You can also make other changes in your diet to keep your teeth white. Try avoiding staining beverages like coffee, tea, and dark-colored colas. Try changing from black tea to white tea. If you choose to continue enjoying these beverages, you may find that you need to bleach or whiten your teeth more frequently.

You may also consider visiting Gentling Dental Care for our own whitening services. Our process consists of nightly treatments over the course of two weeks. Patients usually see results after the first treatment and continue to see results after each treatment. We know that bright smiles are important for many of our patients, which is why we offer our Whitening For Life program. This program provides our patients with custom-made take-home trays and whitening gels, as well as refill capsules for their teeth whitening routines at home. You can also ask us about the program or any aspect of teeth whitening on your next visit to Gentling Dental in Rochester, MN.

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