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What To Do In Case Of A Loose or Lost Crown

May 27, 2015

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Life is full of unexpected events which often don’t take place during normal business hours. One such unexpected event could be discovering a tooth has a loose or missing crown. A crown is a protective cover for a damaged tooth. Though not the only cause, it could have loosened because the damaged tooth has experienced further decay, reducing the secure fit of the crown. Your lost crown can be considered a dental emergency and must be handled correctly and quickly to prevent any further complications. At Gentling Dental Care in Rochester, MN we recommend the following steps to our patients with crowns.

Schedule an appointment to see your dentist as soon as possible. Keep the crown with you and bring it to the appointment. Your dentist will usually have room in their schedule for emergency patients so that they can help you as soon as possible. Avoid waiting too long. Without the crown to protect it, the remaining tooth is exposed to further damage and may feel more sensitive. Over longer periods of time, the surrounding teeth could shift and take over the crown’s original position. This makes replacing the crown more difficult.

You do not need to wait to see your dentist to start treating your lost crown, especially if you won’t be able to schedule an appointment right away. Try to place the crown back over the tooth, making sure that the inside of the crown is completely clean. Your local pharmacy offers temporary dental cements that you can apply to the inside of the crown to temporarily hold it in place. Never attempt to use super glue. It is not safe for use in your mouth and could further damage both the tooth and the crown.

At your appointment your dentist may need to prepare the tooth for a new crown, or the old crown and tooth may be cleaned and the crown re-cemented back on. The dentists at Gentling Dental Care in Rochester, MN are dedicated to our patients and are eager to help with any dental concerns you may have, including lost or missing crowns. Schedule an appointment with us today by calling 507-288-7379 or using our appointment request form online.

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