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5 Questions to Ask When Finding a Dentist in Rochester

June 25, 2019

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Dentist and patient

There are many different fields and philosophies when it comes to dentistry, and no two dentists are alike; as a result, the care you receive at one practice can be very different than the care you might get at another, and that can make a big difference in protecting your oral health. Thus, it’s important to pick a dentist in Rochester who can act as a trusted partner in keeping your smile healthy; here are 5 questions to ask before making a decision.

1. What Sort of Background Does the Dentist Have?

There are a lot of schools where dentists can receive an education. Where did your dentist study? Have they worked with other experts in the field? Are there any achievements or awards of note? Take the time to familiarize yourself with the dentist’s background and the level of training they’ve received.

2. Is the Dentist Continuing Their Education?

Dental technologies and techniques are continually advancing, and even after graduation there’s still much to learn. Ask about the courses and training the dentist is continuing to receive to ensure they remain on the cutting edge.

3. What’s the Practice’s Philosophy?

Will the dentist only check your teeth and gums, or will they offer a more comprehensive approach? Some offices practice complete dentistry, which considers each individual patient’s jaw joints and facial muscles along with their teeth, thus allowing for early intervention for various health issues such as jaw pain. Make sure your dentist has a philosophy that will let you get the most out of your preventive care.

4. What Services are Being Offered?

While some practices will often refer you to a specialist, many dentists prefer to offer many services under one roof. Not only is this convenient, but it also helps ensure that the procedures will be performed by someone you know and trust. In addition to regular checkups for everyone in your family, look into the types of restorative care being offered (crowns, dental implants, dentures) as well as cosmetic services to improve the appearance of your teeth or TMJ therapy that can treat facial pain.

5. Where’s the Office Located?

Of course, being able to get to your appointments from your home or from the office is important, so always ask, “Is this dentist near me?” Think about how long it’ll take to get to the practice and how much time you can set aside for a visit.

These are just some general things to consider. You and your family might have unique circumstances or health conditions that might play a role as well. Make sure to ask plenty of questions ahead of time before your first appointment; above all else, you need to be comfortable with your dentist and confident that they’ll provide you with the best quality care possible.

About the Practice

At Gentling Dental Care, there are 4 highly-trained dentists who have worked with some of the best dental experts in the world in order to treat every type of patient with a high level of skill and expertise. They offer a variety of preventive, restorative and cosmetic services. To schedule an appointment, visit their website or call (507) 288-7379.

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