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Repair Your Smile with Dental Crowns in Rochester, MN, by Gentling Dental Care

January 9, 2017

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Dental crowns are one option for adults to rebuild and support a tooth that needs to be restored to its normal size and shape. Dental crowns are often called caps as they help reinforce a tooth that is weakened and in need of repair. With a crown, you’ll be undergoing a dental restoration procedure performed by a qualified dentist, and the appearance of the tooth will be improved.


Tips to Make Your Family Better Tooth-brushers | Family Dentistry at Gentling Dental in Rochester, MN

December 27, 2015

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Dentists and hygienists are constantly twice a day, but the habit isn’t doing much good if you or your kids are brushing incorrectly. Kids have a greater tendency towards improper brushing due to their eager natures and lack of understanding about the importance of good oral hygiene habits. Luckily, the family dentistry staff over at Gentling Dental in Rochester, MN is here to make sure your home isn’t falling victim to poor brushing techniques!

Here are a few tips to help everyone in your home take good care of their teeth:

1. Pick a brush and toothpaste that is right for you and your teeth

All toothpastes and brushes are different, so it is important to know what you are looking for. Are you hoping to restore enamel or whiten teeth? Or do you have sensitive teeth and worry about how the toothpaste will feel? There are different toothpastes for each of these concerns. Some toothpastes are also designed to be fluoride-free for young children, as fluoride can be harmful to infants and toddlers who haven’t learned how to spit their toothpaste out.

The type of brush to choose will also depend on the experience you’re looking for. Some brushes have very soft bristles while others are sturdier; some have contoured heads to provide better access to hard to reach places or rubberized handles for better grip. Recently, children have started to really enjoy the toothbrushes that play music as they brush their teeth. If you have a reluctant brusher, that may be something worth looking into.

2. Brush slowly using a circular motion

 Once you and your child have a toothbrush and toothpaste picked out, it’s time to get brushing! Put a small dollop of toothpaste on the brush’s head—for kids, keep it to the size of a pea—and then move the brush in circular patterns along the teeth. Be sure to brush along the gum line, since that is where gingivitis starts to develop.

It’s also important to brush every tooth in your mouth. People often neglect their molars and thus these teeth tend to develop cavities. Lastly, make sure that you or your child does not rush the brushing process. The proper length of time is 2-3 minutes to ensure that the day’s worth of plaque is completely cleaned away.

3. Spit and rinse after brushing

 After brushing for a few minutes, spit the toothpaste foam into the sink and rinse off your toothbrush before storing it away. It’s important not to swallow the foam because too much fluoride can make you ill or damage kid’s developing teeth. If you or your kids want to take a further step, floss or rinse with mouthwash for a totally clean feeling.

With these three steps, you and your family are one step closer to getting an A+ on your report cards next time you visit Gentling Dental in Rochester, MN for family dentistry services. For more tips on how to brush your teeth check out our Youtube page, or just give us a call at 507.288.7379! We hope to see you soon!


Custom Mouth Guards – It’s All About the Protection

November 27, 2015

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 If your child is involved in sports or other activities that pose the risk of damage to their mouth and gums, a mouth guard for protection is necessary. The staff at Gentling Dental Care in Rochester, MN is available to teach you and your child the importance of protecting their teeth, and will get your child set up with a mouth guard specifically fitted to their teeth.  You might be tempted to find a mouth guard at your local box store with a lower price tag attached. According to a popular online dentistry resource, the Consumer Guide to Dentistry, a custom-fitted mouth guard supplied by a dentist is usually between $190 and $500. In comparison, over the counter mouth guards tend to cost about $1 to $15.00.

However, that cost-saving impulse may cost you more in the long run. Cheap mouth guards do not provide the protection needed and are often quite uncomfortable to wear because they are not appropriately fit to your mouth. A custom mouth guard will:


  • make sure the fit is secure
  • cause minimal discomfort or gum irritation
  • decrease the risk and severity of dental injuries
  • allow for easy breathing and clear communication
  • extend further to also protect the jaw bone around your child’s teeth

Ultimately, a custom mouth guard could potentially save you from the expense of serious injuries.

Investing in a custom mouth guard to provide maximum protection is just as important as investing in good running shoes, shoulder pads and helmets. Think of your child’s oral safety needs. If your child is in need of a custom mouth guard, contact Gentling Dental Care. Our trained professional staff stands ready to fit you with the best protection possible, so they can give it their all on the field or on the court while saving their beautiful smile and a lot of money.


The Importance of Telling Your Dentist About Any Past and Current Medications

July 28, 2015

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Have you ever filled out a patient form prior to an appointment? Of course you have. Things such as name, address, insurance, any pain, any medications? Wait…why would your dentist need to know if you’re taking medications? A dentist doesn’t need to know whether you’re taking a medication for diabetes, cancer, or high blood pressure, right? Well, wait a minute! It is imperative for dentists to know your medications to provide the safest and highest quality of care to you as their patient. Gentling Dental Care in Rochester, Minnesota, strives to provide the best dental care to you and your family.

Did you know that many prescription medications as well as over-the-counter medications can affect your oral health? Commonly used medications such as nasal sprays and inhaled medications often cause dry mouth. These medications can also cause problems with the gums, tongue, and lining of the cheeks, causing oral candidiasis, otherwise known as a fungal infection. A fungal infection appears as white spots and, in some cases, can be quite painful. Medications used for cancer treatment can also affect your oral health, and medications used to treat osteoporosis can cause jaw problems.

Medications you have taken in the past are also of interest to your dentist as it can affect any current or future dental treatments. Providing a list of current and past medications as well as an up-to-date health history will help your dentist ensure that you are receiving proper treatment and dental care for your oral health as well as your overall health.

If you have an upcoming dental appointment, whether it is a preventative check, a cleaning, or dental work such as fillings and crowns, be sure to notify your dentist of any and all medications or other health issues that you may be experiencing. Gentling Dental is proud to offer dental services in the Rochester, MN area. Whether you are looking for preventative, restorative, or reconstructive dental services, or maybe a cleaning, whitening, or other services, contact us today. Our highly trained staff looks forward to providing maximum comfort, function, health, and esthetics of your teeth in a friendly and professional manner.

Treating the Bad Habit of Teeth Grinding in Rochester, MN

May 19, 2015

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Spring can be a stressful time as students prepare for the end of the school year and parents plan summer camps and family vacations. Add in sports, spring plays and grad parties and you may be facing a very stressful month. The effects of stress on a person are not always easily noticeable. One symptom could be a dull headache that never seems to go away. This headache could be the result of clenching or grinding your teeth, which is sometimes caused by stress. You may not even realize it’s happening. If you think you clench or grind your teeth, visit Gentling Dental Care in Rochester, MN to learn what you could do to solve the problem.

Stress is just one of the many causes of teeth grinding. It is also caused by anxiety, sleep apnea and similar sleep disorders, acid reflux, an abnormal bite, and even crooked teeth. Because it most often takes place as you sleep, it can be difficult to tell if you have this harmful habit. Some signs to watch for are a dull headache or soreness in the jaw. It may take a family member speaking up for you to become aware of the problem. They may have heard the grinding noise and will say something out of concern.

Teeth grinding may only take place from time to time, or it could be chronic. Occasional teeth grinding is generally not harmful, and most people do occasionally grind or clench their teeth. It becomes a bigger problem when you do it more frequently. Those who grind or clench their teeth develop fractured teeth and grind the teeth down to stumps. Grinding can result in bone loss around the teeth and can even loosen the teeth and cause them to fall out. If you have temporal mandibular disorder, or TMD, you may find that teeth grinding has aggravated this condition or even caused it to begin.

It is critical to visit your dentist right away if you are concerned about teeth grinding. At Gentling Dental Care in Rochester, MN we offer a variety of night guards and mouth guards to treat teeth grinding habits and protect your teeth at night. These mouth guards are also designed for treating TMD. If you have damaged teeth we can provide corrective options including bridges, crowns, dental implants, or dentures. Give us a call to schedule a visit to protect your smile from teeth grinding today.

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