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Dental Implants: Replacement Teeth That Blend Right In!

September 19, 2019

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Pointing to smile

There are many challenges that come with losing a tooth, not the least of which is the embarrassment that comes whenever you smile and reveal the empty space. You might be worried that any restoration you get will stand out just as much, but luckily there’s no reason to fear! Dental implants in Rochester can give you back a full smile – and it’ll look and function as natural as it feels.


Ready, Set, Go! How Exercise Can Help as Part of Your Sleep Apnea Therapy

August 5, 2019

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Do you enjoy going for a run? What about riding a bike? There is an abundance of ways to exercise, each working to improve your overall health and well-being. Exercise can not only encourage weight loss and getting in shape, but it can also help while receiving sleep apnea therapy in Rochester. If you’re looking for ways to adjust your sleeping patterns and enrich your health, it’s time to not only consider treatment for this common sleep disorder but also how exercise can help you get the rest you need. 


4 Things to Do When Losing an Aligner While Wearing Invisalign in Rochester

July 6, 2019

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an Invisalign aligner in a person’s mouth

You’re in the process of straightening your teeth and everything is looking great. You see that your teeth are shifting in the right direction, and for months, you’ve been able to successfully adjust to wearing your new fixtures without any problems whatsoever. That is until one day when you go to reach for your aligner after eating a nice meal with family and discover it’s missing. It would be easy to immediately begin panicking, but it’s important to calm down and take the appropriate steps to address the situation. If you need help learning what you should do if you ever run into this problem, here are 4 things to remember should you ever lose an aligner while wearing Invisalign in Rochester


5 Questions to Ask When Finding a Dentist in Rochester

June 25, 2019

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Dentist and patient

There are many different fields and philosophies when it comes to dentistry, and no two dentists are alike; as a result, the care you receive at one practice can be very different than the care you might get at another, and that can make a big difference in protecting your oral health. Thus, it’s important to pick a dentist in Rochester who can act as a trusted partner in keeping your smile healthy; here are 5 questions to ask before making a decision.


Do You Need Sleep Apnea Therapy In Rochester? Learn How Your Sleeping Condition Could Impact Your Health

May 10, 2019

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sleep apnea diagnosis

Although you sleep for the recommended 8 hours every night, you still wake up with a headache and feeling sleepy. You drag through your workday barely able to pay attention and continuously nodding off at your desk. How is that possible when you’re diligent about going to bed on time? It’s not that you’re not getting sleep, it’s that your quality of sleep is poor, and your symptoms could be a sign of a common disorder known as sleep apnea. Read on to learn about the causes and symptoms of this condition and how sleep apnea therapy in Rochester could be the answer to a good night of rest.

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