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Take Care of Cavities with Laser Cavity Detection by Gentling Dental Care in Rochester, MN

January 30, 2017

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Detecting cavities is no small task. Dentists learn how to detect cavities as part of their dental training to be able to help patients during regular cleanings. Over the years, advancements have been made in technology used in dental care for cavity detection. Laser cavity detection is a new method used to find cavities in teeth. This process is utilized by Gentling Dental Care in Rochester, MN, and can accurately find cavities that many other dentists may miss.


Repair Your Smile with Dental Crowns in Rochester, MN, by Gentling Dental Care

January 9, 2017

Filed under: Cosmetic Dentistry,Gentling Dental Care — gentlingdental @ 1:58 pm

Dental crowns are one option for adults to rebuild and support a tooth that needs to be restored to its normal size and shape. Dental crowns are often called caps as they help reinforce a tooth that is weakened and in need of repair. With a crown, you’ll be undergoing a dental restoration procedure performed by a qualified dentist, and the appearance of the tooth will be improved.


First Time Parent Tips for Gentling Dental Care Kid’s Dentist in Rochester, MN

December 30, 2016

Filed under: Children's Dentistry — gentlingdental @ 11:50 am

When you become a parent for the very first time, you quickly find out that you have much to learn! Unfortunately, babies do not come with instruction manuals, and parents have to find out how to manage by gaining their own experience. One area in which many parents have questions is regarding their child’s dental care. As a kid’s dentist in Rochester, MN, we receive calls with questions on a regular basis from new parents asking about how to care for baby teeth, as well as when to schedule the first appointment. It’s important for parents to learn about healthcare for their child’s teeth so the child will have a beautiful and healthy smile.


Understanding the Effects of Periodontal Disease in Rochester, MN, with Gentling Dental Care

December 28, 2016

Filed under: Periodontal Dental Care — gentlingdental @ 2:36 pm

Taking care of your teeth is a necessity. You want to have healthy teeth and gums to be able to enjoy food and drink well into your golden years, as well as feeling comfortable with your smile. Unfortunately, problems will arise. One dental issue that is common among adults is periodontal disease. This disease occurs when the gums and bone of the teeth become inflamed. There are three phases of the disease that require treatment as soon as possible to avoid losing teeth.


Steps to Begin a Smile Makeover in Rochester, MN, With Gentling Dental Care

November 28, 2016

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When you don’t love your smile, it can affect your self-esteem and confidence levels. You may feel uncomfortable talking in groups and self-conscious about whether people are looking at your teeth. Thankfully, there is a solution. A smile makeover in Rochester, MN, can ensure that your smile is brand new and one that you will be proud of. What is a smile makeover? Well, it’s when a dentist will use cosmetic dentistry to improve the look of your teeth. Learn more about the steps of this process below.


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